The Olibar s.r.l. food company has been operating on the market for over 20 years and is experiencing strong growth with 2 operational headquarters in the province of Mantua and two branch offices for research and development and marketing.

Olibar s.r.l. has cutting-edge production facilities and highly specialized technical staff, so it can offer high-quality products and customized services designed to meet the needs of every customer.

Strengthened by decades of experience from industry professionals and major ongoing research and development work, the company specializes in making and distributing soluble and powdered semi-processed products, as well as private label sugar and single serving condiments.






Manufacturing excellence, a widespread commercial network, quality products, continuous innovation, and a focus on customers’ needs: these are the key points of Olibar’s strategy, which has always striven to become a major model in the Food & Beverage sector, with a particular focus on the “out-of-home” market.

Thanks to a sophisticated network of professionals in the commercial sector, the company meets the needs of Italian and foreign bars, restaurants and hotels, wholesalers, roasting houses, specialist companies, caterers, chains, franchises and foreign importers.

All these factors make Olibar s.r.l. a dynamic, innovative yet reliable business in the Horeca channel, so much that it has been chosen as a partner by major catering companies, such as MyChef, Cir Food, Sarni, McCafè and The Space Cinema.




magazzino-1Olibar’s goal is to innovate the market by creating new product categories, while perfecting existing products and optimizing production processes; it also aims to introduce the concept of Wellness into the Horeca sector, paying close attention to the characteristics of products that aim not only to be as natural as possible but, in particular, attentive to consumers’ new health needs, including food intolerance.

Thus the FoodNess brand was created.





One of Olibar’s strengths is the Research and Development sector, along with Quality Control. Our highly qualified experts conduct continuous research, studying and developing innovative yet customized solutions.

The entire production chain is strictly monitored, from source to processing and up to the end product. This has enabled the Company to become certified:





FoodNess products have been designed to satisfy the most demanding, informed customers who focus on what they eat, at home and in the bar. Indeed, wherever possible they contain no gluten, lactose and are made from Organic ingredients and are free from hydrogenated fats and GMOs.

With a wide range of products, technologically advanced equipment, continuous support and modern, engaging communication tools, the Foodness line has been able to successfully stand out and establish itself on the market thanks to its philosophy of well-being, becoming Olibar’s flagship brand.



I CARE FOR YOU – FOODNESSTi voglio bene - Foodness

The concept behind FoodNess comes from knowing that nowadays we have to listen to end consumers and their needs so we can look after them. Hence the aim is to offer wellness to the bar channel through a variety of universally accessible products, including for people who suffer from food intolerances or follow special diets. This lets more people enjoy eating “on the go”.

Indeed, FoodNess products are GMO-freehydrogenated fat-FREE and, wherever possible, gluten-FREElactose-FREE and palm oil-FREE.

FoodNess works perfectly with the “FREE FROM” policy, without sacrificing any flavor or quality: this is how the brand and its consumers are mutually good for each other.