There were seven SCA trainers, certifiers and judges attended in 2017 International Coffee Festival in Iran. Our exclusive guests were Agnieszka Rojewska, Davide Cobelli, Stavros Lamprinidis, Ecaterina Szasz, Nicolas Rozental, Asli Yaman and Alexandra Niculae. Besides, many companies around the world, from Italy, France, US, Poland, Switzerland, Spain to China and Korea with different brands and technologies in espresso and roasting machines in addition to various beans, joined the festival to depict latest products.

In upcoming festival which will take place on 19th to 22nd August 2018 in Tehran, same masters will come over to judges 2 competitions. Moreover because of some current policies there will not be any training classes in this year.

Alexandra Niculae

World Coffee Roasting Champion 2016

Stavros Lamprinidis

World Cezve/Ibrik Champion 2013

Nicolas Rozental

SCA Barista Trainer and Certifier

Ecaterina Szasz

2nd Place in World Cezve/Ibrik Championship 2015

Davide Cobelli

Deputy of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

Asli Yaman

3rd Place in World Brewers Cup Championship 2013

Agnieszka Rojewska

World Barista Champion 2018